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Located just a few minutes from the shores of Lake Michigan, it’s not surprising that Andersonville is a popular place to live. And since there’s also a dog beach nearby, it makes sense that a lot of dog owners live in the area. At Cruisin’ Canines, we know that you have a busy schedule and can’t always give your dog enough time for walks, and that’s why we offer reliable, trustworthy dog walking services to Andersonville residents and dog owners all over Chicago.

Reliable Andersonville Dog Walking Services in and Around 60640

It can be somewhat difficult to find the perfect dog walker around 60640—one you can rely on to keep appointments, one who cares about your dog nearly as much as you do, and one who doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg for every visit. That’s where Cruisin’ Canines comes in—not only are we trustworthy and reliable, but we also care about your dog and understand that some pets need time to acclimate to new people. That’s why we try to send the same dog walker for every visit, so your dog has a chance to get to know the same person.

Andersonville residents deserve the very best in dog walking services, and we try to meet every need, from scheduling to the route taken during walks and everything in between.

Why Choose Us For Your Andersonville Dog Walking Services?

Don’t settle for any Andersonville dog walking service. While you probably have many options to choose from, there’s a reason dog owners all over Chicago love us. We provide your pet with the attention and exercise they need and deserve, and since our Andersonville dog walkers live in the area, they’re familiar with walk routes your dog might already go on. We strive to visit your pooch at the same time every visit, and we’ll send the same walker for each visit, too, so that your pet can get to know his or her walker.

Puppy Walking in Andersonville

Do you have puppies in Andersonville that need regular walks throughout the day? We also offer puppy walking services in Andersonville in addition to our services for adult dogs. Puppies often have even more energy than adult dogs, and we understand that those younger dogs need sufficient exercise to give them an outlet for it. Our dog walkers can take them outside for regular walks to relieve some of that energy and satisfy their curiosity, making sure they aren’t stuck at home while you’re away. We’ll give them the attention they need.

How Much Do Andersonville Dog Walkers Cost?

Andersonville dog walking services at Cruisin’ Canines will vary in cost depending on the amount of time and the number of dogs. For one dog, a 15-minute walk will cost $14, and $2 more for each additional dog. A 35-minute walk costs $20 per walk for one dog, and each additional dog will cost $5. All dog walks include fresh water refills and feeding, along with medication if requested. For two 15-minute puppy visits, we charge $26 per day. We’ll make sure you and your dogs are satisfied with every visit.

Make Cruisin’ Canines Your Andersonville Dog Walker Today

It’s hard to find a great Chicago dog walking company—don’t settle for a mediocre company whose only concern is their bottom line. At Cruisin’ Canines, we want you and your dog to be happy, so we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that you both are. Whether you need us for daily walks or just when you go out of town, we’ll be happy to help accommodate your schedule. Call us today for more information on how to make us your Andersonville dog walking service.

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