Your Lakeview Dog Walkers

If you live in Lakeview, you know there’s no shortage of dog walking services in the area. And because not everyone has enough time in the day to walk their dog as much as they’d like, many of these services have a lot of clients. But at Cruisin’ Canines, we offer what some other companies don’t—personalized services and walkers who truly know the areas they work in. We started as a single dog walker in 1995, and over the years have grown to serve neighborhoods all over the city. We’re proud to offer reliable, compassionate dog walking services to neighborhoods in the 60657 area. Our reliable team of dog walkers in Lakeview are people you can trust with your beloved pet, giving you and your dog the comfort you both need while you’re out. You’ll know that your dog is in good hands, with people who love what they do.

Trustworthy, Punctual Dog Walkers in Lakeview in 60657

Living in Lakeview, you have the option to bring your dog to the lake or the nearby dog park, Wiggly Field. But we know that you don’t have the time to do that every day, and sometimes you may not have the time to take your pooch on a routine mid-day dog walk. Thankfully, at Cruisin’ Canines, we understand that everyone has a busy schedule, and that’s why we’re proud to offer Lakeview residents a reliable option for Chicago dog walking services. Whether you’d like us to come once a day, once a week, or just when you’re away for a weekend, we’re there to meet your needs. And, since we know that some dogs take longer than others to get used to new people, we try to send the same dog walker for each visit to help you pup acclimate.

Choose Us for Your Lakeview Dog Walking Needs in or Near 60657

We know you have a lot of choices for dog walkers in Lakeview, so why should you choose us? We go the extra mile for you. Have a specific route your dog loves to walk? No problem. Does you pooch need special treats or only need a visit, not a walk? We can handle that, too. We offer reasonable rates for our dog walking service, and our staff is truly passionate about what they do. While no one can give your pet the amount of love and care you can, we try to come close—our Chicago dog walkers treat your dog like he or she is their own.

Regardless of where you’re located in the Lakeview area, our professional dog walkers are ready to help you with some of the best dog walking services in Chicagoland and more. In addition to regular dog walking services in Lakeview, we also offer several other great services to keep your dog in good shape and cared for.

Puppy Walking in Lakeview

Are your canine companions puppies that need regular walks to keep them happy and healthy? We walk puppies in Lakeview along with adult dogs to make sure they get the exercise every growing dog needs. Our professional dog walkers understand that puppies are often high in energy and curiosity, and regular dog walks can help get them out of the home to explore and satisfy that curiosity while leaving them calmer by the time you return. Regardless of whether you have a puppy or a full-grown dog, you can get Lakeview dog walking services that truly give your pet everything he or she needs to be content while you’re gone.

How Much Do Lakeview Dog Walkers Cost?

Lakeview dog walking services at Cruisin’ Canines will vary in cost depending on the amount of time and the number of dogs. For one dog, a 15-minute walk will cost $14, and $2 more for each additional dog. A 35-minute walk costs $20 per walk for one dog, and each additional dog will cost $5. All dog walks include fresh water refills and feeding, along with medication if requested. For two 15-minute puppy visits, we charge $26 per day. We’ll make sure you and your dogs are satisfied with every visit, and with consistent exposure to our dog walkers, even the most untrusting dog may be able to bond with our caring staff.

Your Dogs Will Love Us—And You Will, Too

Getting some mid-day exercise and attention helps keep your dog healthy and happy. We’ll make sure your dogs get the care they deserve, from people who genuinely care about your pet’s wellbeing with every service. Our professional dog walking team can leave both you and your dog happy with every service.

If you have any questions for us or want to set up your first visit for Lakeview dog walking, give us a call today! Your pet will thank you.

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