Roscoe Village’s Preferred Dog Walking Service

Dog owners in Roscoe Village have a lot of options to choose from for dog walking services. When they can’t fit in a mid-day dog walk, there are plenty of walkers who are willing to step up to the plate. But not every Roscoe Village dog walking service is the same. Some of them are overpriced, and some don’t provide great service. At Cruisin’ Canines, we know how much you love your pets, and we strive to treat them as though they were our own. If you need a quality dog walking service in Roscoe Village, look no further.

Reliable, Caring Dog Walkers in Roscoe Village Near 60618

Some dog walking services don’t come at the same time or send the same walker for every visit. If your dog has a hard time warming up to new people or needs the structure of a routine, that can be problematic. At Cruisin’ Canines, we want both you and your dog to be comfortable with us, so we strive to visit at the same time and send the same walker each time. This helps establish a good relationship between your dog and our walker. And since our walkers live in the area, they are familiar with good, safe Roscoe Village dog walking routes. When it comes to quality dog walking service, we’re committed to providing just that.

Affordable Roscoe Village Dog Walking Services in Your Neighborhood

Too often, dog owners will look for a dog walking service, only to find that they are either too expensive for what they are, or that the lower-priced options aren’t all that great. At Cruisin’ Canines, we don’t make you choose between cost and quality. We provide affordable dog walking services without sacrificing quality—you’ll love us as much as your dog will!

Puppy Walkers in Roscoe Village

In addition to older dogs, we walk puppies in Roscoe Village to keep your younger dogs as happy as the rest of your pets. Puppies are often in need of constant attention and care, with high energy levels that need regular release to keep them calm and happy. Our puppy walkers can give your puppies the care they need while you’re away, providing them with consistent and familiar human interaction as we try to send the same walker for each visit. At the end of the day, you’ll come home to a content puppy every time.

How Much Do Roscoe Village Dog Walkers Cost?

Roscoe Village dog walking services at Cruisin’ Canines will vary in cost depending on the amount of time and the number of dogs. For one dog, a 15-minute walk will cost $14, and $2 more for each additional dog. A 35-minute walk costs $20 per walk for one dog, and each additional dog will cost $5. All dog walks include fresh water refills and feeding, along with medication if requested. For two 15-minute puppy visits, we charge $26 per day. We’ll make sure you and your dogs are satisfied with every visit.

Choose Cruisin’ Canines for Your Roscoe Village Dog Walkers in and Around 60618

We know you’ve got a lot of choices to make when choosing a dog walking company for your pet. At Cruisin’ Canines, we offer a variety of services, from puppy visits for young dogs who need to go out more often than adult dogs, to regular dog walks that provide your pooch with the exercise he or she needs, and even boarding services for when you go on a trip and can’t bring your pets with. If you want to know more about Cruisin’ Canines or are interested in setting up your first appointment, give us a call today!

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