Our FEBRUARY Dog of the Month is…

Molly! Breed: Collie/Shepherd/Beagle Age: 12 (and three-quarters!) Where I Live: North Center Joys in Life: Molly loves walking! Around the ‘hood, in the woods, at the park — it’s all good! She is a complete sweetheart with everyone she meets, and has been known to just march right up on the porch of a complete…


Our JANUARY Dogs of the Month are

Wolfie and Roscoe! Thought we’d bring in the new year with not one, but two dogs of the month! Meet Wolfie and Roscoe! Wolfie Breed: Siberian Husky Age: 6 Where I Live: Lakeview Joys in Life: Long naps on the rug, ice skating, and treats Cruisin’ Dog Walker: Johanna Dog Walking Buddies: his brother Roscoe….


Our DECEMBER Dog of the Month is

Merlin!   Breed: Leonberger Age: 3 years (his birthday is October 8, 2013) Where I Live: West Lincoln Park Joys in Life: Merlin loves swimming, retrieving balls thrown into Lake Michigan, and playing in the snow. But his greatest joy in life is laying around the house. Cruisin’ Dog Walker: Dan        …


Our NOVEMBER Dog of the Month is

Bird!   Breed: Flat-Coated Retriever (and maybe some Border Collie?) Age: 2.5 Where I Live: Ravenswood Joys in Life: Bird likes to play “fetch” but mostly “keep away” at Winnemac Park and Montrose Dog Beach. When she’s at home she likes to sit on the back of the couch behind your shoulders and pretend she’s…


Our OCTOBER Dog of the Month is

Maxwell! Breed: Goldendoodle Age: Almost 4 years old (birthday November 2) Where I Live: Ravenswood Joys in Life: Maxwell loves other dogs but loves humans even more! He loves being a big brother to his human sister, Hailey, even though she tugs on his floppy ears. He also loves getting attention and belly rubs from…

Dear Rudi…

Dear Rudi  Transcribed by Kristin Ross (because she has thumbs) Advice for our readers, from Cruisin’ veteran and sage chocolate lab, Rudi of Lakeview – If you or your dog have questions for Rudi, send them to us at! Rudi gives the best canine life advice in the Midwest, and she is waiting to hear from you….


Our SEPTEMBER Dog of the Month is

Hurley!   Breed: Labradoodle Age: 7.5 Where I Live: Roscoe Village Joys in Life: Chasing squirrels, Running at the beach, Playing in the snow Cruisin’ Dog Walker: Johanna and Jacki Dog Walking Buddies: Wicker and Bigger usually, but Hurley loves all his friends!  

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Our AUGUST Dog of the Month is

Tru!     Breed: Rat Terrier Age: 11 Where I Live: Buena Park Joys in Life: Playing fetch at home and at the Montrose Dog beach, chewing rawhide bones (don’t tell his doctor!) and sleeping under the blanket at the foot of the bed. Cruisin’ Dog Walker: Jack Dog Walking Buddies: Lucy the lab and…

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