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Chicago Dog Walking Hours and Rates

Our regular dog walking hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. After hours walks will be charged on a time-and-a-half basis and are not always guaranteed. We assign the same walker on a regular basis, and we require a minimum two-hour window for scheduling the visits.  We request that two sets of keys be provided for your home, and we ask that you ensure the keys work on your locks before providing them to us. We also have discounted rates for clients scheduling twice daily walks for adult dogs – contact us for more details.

Scheduling Flexibility

We offer weekly recurring services and have an online Client Portal for the easiest, most efficient way to manage your pup’s daily walk schedule. We understand your schedule and needs may change as well and allow same-day changes, requests or cancellations, up until 9:00a the day-of the walk. While we do our best to accommodate ad hoc schedules as needed, there is a $10 service charge applied to any accounts with 3 or fewer services scheduled each month (does not apply to boarding clients or accounts with no walks scheduled). This is assessed on a month-by-month basis.

How Much Do Dog Walkers Charge in Chicago?

Cruisin’ Canines offers some of the best Chicago dog walking prices, allowing you to benefit from services provided by a professional dog walker nearly anywhere in the city. You can learn more about our dog walking options below, along with prices for each service. We work to maintain affordability while making sure our customers and their canine pals benefit from top-quality service. 


15 Minute Visit

For one dog, each additional dog from the same household is +$2. Visit includes walk, fresh water and feeding (if requested).

$15.50 per walk

25 Minute Visit

For one dog, each additional dog from the same household is +$3. Visit includes walk, fresh water and feeding (if requested).

$19 per walk

35 Min Visit

For one dog, each additional dog from the same household is +$5. Visit includes walk, fresh water and feeding (if requested).

$24 per walk

Puppy Service

We stop in twice a day for puppies under a year old, once in the late morning and again in the afternoon, for 15 minutes each time to accommodate a bathroom break and feeding (if requested).

$29 per day(two 15 minute visits)

Chicago Dog Boarding

Our boarding services are offered to both existing dog-walking clients as well as new clients. We do not board puppies or any dog that needs to be crated—our boarding area is a home environment, and requires your dog to be social with other dogs as well as people. Dogs with separation anxiety may not be boarded. Below is the complete chart for dog boarding prices, which can give you an idea of how much it will cost to board one or two dogs. Contact us for more information about boarding.


1 Dog

For one night or 24 hour period. Half-days are billed for pick-ups past the 24hr mark on the last day.

$6800 per night

2 Dogs

Each additional dog only +$26.  Dogs must be from the same household.

$9400 per night

Pet Taxis

For existing/boarding clientele only. Contact us for additional information.

$1500starting at

In-Home Cat Visits & House Checks

We at Cruisin’ Canines don’t just help out dog owners. We love our kitty clients too and also offer cat-care visits and home checks. These visits include feeding and refreshing water bowls, cleaning the litter box(es), and playing with your cats, or watering plants, bringing in mail, and offering peace of mind that all is well while you’re away.


1-2 Cats or Home Check

$2000per visit

3 or More Cats

$2500per visit

Get the Best Chicago Dog Walking Services Prices

If you’re looking for most affordable dog walking services available in Chicago, turn to Cruisin’ Canines. We can provide you with some of the best services available at some of the lowest Chicago dog walker fees throughout the city. We’ll make sure that you know exactly what you have to pay prior to providing services so you’re never left wondering what the final cost will be. We work to maintain both affordability and quality of service with all of our services, keeping customers consistently satisfied.

You’ll never have to worry about accruing any hidden costs that you may not know about. We maintain transparency regarding the pricing of dog walking services and more, with trustworthy dog walkers who will help make sure you and your dog are satisfied with every visit. The cost of dog walking services will never be outrageous when you turn to Cruisin’ Canines for top-tier service and reliable staff. We make sure that each of our dog walkers enjoys his or her job, and will work to make sure you know exactly how much you pay prior to making any payments.

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Whether you want dependable Chicago dog walking service or another service from Cruisin’ Canines, we’re here to make sure your experience is great every time you turn to us. You’ll be comfortable in knowing that we have staff who genuinely care about you and your pet, with some of the most competitive Chicago dog walking services prices you’ll find.

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