How to Choose the Best Dog Treats

  It can be difficult to find a good dog treat. At most pet stores, they take up a full aisle, so it can be overwhelming looking at the different packages and trying to make the best choice for your pet. Treats can be given for training or for rewards, and it’s important to be…

Don’t Let the Cold Weather Make Your Dog Fat

  When it gets cold outside, it can be understandably more difficult to find the motivation to take your dog on longer walks. You’re cold, they’re cold, and even with the cutest dog sweaters and jackets available, it’s still no fun being outside for any length of time. While it’s fine to shorten your dog…

November Dog of the Month is

Pilgrim! Well, howdy there! My name is Pilgrim, and I’m a 4-month-old White Shepherd-Husky mix. The nice humans at PAWS called me John Wayne, but after my mom and dad took me home, they began calling me Pilgrim in a silly cowboy voice. I love to run, play and burrow into soft things (including crotches)….