How to prevent your dog from pulling on their leash

Prevent your dog from pulling on its leash

Source: Walking dogs in Chicago can be an enjoyable activity, no matter what the weather, but when your pup doesn’t like its leash and constantly yanks on it, your walking experience could turn sour. Here are some ways to teach your dog to cooperate while on a leash—and make everyone happy. 1) Try to…

Exercise for your dog in the winter

Making Sure Your Dog Gets Enough Exercise in Winter

When it gets cold outside, it makes sense that most of us avoid heading out for long dog walks multiple times a day. While your dog probably doesn’t mind staying inside where it’s warm, it’s still important to make sure that they get enough exercise all season long. Follow our tips to make sure that…


January Dog of the Month is Bailey

Breed: Cockapoo Age: 7 1/2 Where I live: Lakeview Joys in Life: chasing squirrels, eating apples, peanut butter and carrots, sleeping, chasing tennis balls, cuddling with my family Cruisin’ Canines Chicago Dog Walker: Nate Chicago Dog Walking Buddies:  Lucy and Luna