What Insurance Do Dog Walkers Need?

Because dog walking businesses are also often responsible for additional services such as pet sitting, boarding, and grooming, many customers require some form of protection for their pets. That protection will often come in the form of dog walking insurance, which keeps Chicago dog walking businesses secure while encouraging customers to trust them.

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What Are Cruisin’ Canines’ Rates?

Cruisin’ Canines charges some of the most competitive rates in the Chicagoland area. We charge $14 per 15-minute walk for one dog (add $2 for each additional dog), $17 per 25-minute walk for one dog (add $3 for each additional dog), and $20 per 35-minute walk for one dog (add $5 for each additional dog). We charge $26 for puppy service, which includes two 15-minute visits per day. Each visit includes a walk, fresh water, and feeding, along with any medications as needed.

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What Do Dog Walkers Do with Each Dog?

With each visit, our professional dog walkers will spend either 15, 25 or 35 minutes walking your dog, feeding them, giving them fresh water, and providing medication if requested. We try to assign the same dog walkers every time to help familiarize your canines with their walkers, and we’ll give your pets the attention they need.

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Are Dog Walkers Safe?

Yes. We make sure that each of our dog walkers is capable of bringing the same level of care to each client’s pet, giving your canines the positive attention they need, with background checks for all of our walkers. We also try to make sure that the same walker visits your dog each time, which can help establish trust between the walker and your pet. You can always be assured that your dog is in good hands with us.

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Are Dog Walkers Independent Contractors?

Yes, our Chicago dog walkers include independent contractors who make a minimum of six-month commitment to Cruisin’ Canines. Each dog walker must comply with bonding and undergo a background check prior to working with us. Dog walkers also must have their own insured vehicle or bicycle for transport and a smartphone for easy communication. Walkers can choose their available hours.

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What Are Your Hours?

Our dog walkers can visit your pet Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. We also offer after-hours walks at a time-and-a-half charge, but we cannot guarantee service during these hours. Clients must schedule visits within at least a two-hour window. Requests after 4 p.m. or during weekends won’t receive responses until the next business day.

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What Do Dog Walkers Need?

Cruisin’ Canines dog walkers only require an insured vehicle or bicycle for transportation, along with a smartphone for communication. Clients will provide leashes, treats or other food, medications, and fresh water supplies. Other supplies are unnecessary for dog walkers to bring to each visit.

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How Do Dog Walkers Walk Multiple Dogs?

Dog walkers can walk more than one dog, at 3$ per additional dog with each visit. They can walk multiple dogs at once, or visit up to two times a day to walk dogs separately at discounted rates. Walkers can meet the individual needs of each dog with every visit.

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Do Dog Walkers Need to Be Bonded?

Yes, Cruisin’ Canines requires each Chicago dog walker to be bonded prior to working with us, in addition to undergoing a background check. This helps secure our business while also encouraging clients to trust our walkers. Walkers cannot work for us unless they meet these criteria.

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Do Dog Walkers Need to Be Licensed?

As a dog walking company, Cruisin’ Canines is a licensed Chicago dog walking company that can provide dog walking, pet sitting, and boarding throughout Chicago. While our individual dog walkers don’t require licensing, we are licensed to provide our services throughout Chicagoland.

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