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Passion for dogs is something innate for Paul and me. Our business as Chicago dog boarding and daycare grew all on its own and continues to evolve today – thanks to our clients who could see and feel our passion and spread the word for us.

Our story is simple: We love dogs, and we’ve devoted our working lives to taking excellent care of them.

Cruisin’ Canines began back in 1995, when I was searching for work with meaning. The thought of hanging out with dogs and being outside all day completely moved me. So, naturally, I decided to become a professional dog walker. I started to get the word out, and slowly but surely, I was in business. In 1997, as fate would have it, I met Paul. In addition to the love we found for one another, we also discovered a mutual love of dogs. We eventually married and added another service to our 2-person walking team: in-house boarding. Thanks to the word of mouth of our incredibly loyal clientele, our business took off from there.

Since then so much has happened. We’ve had two kids and created a dog-centric home and lifestyle in Roscoe Village. We expanded our service area across the greater Northside of Chicago, hiring a pack of dog-loving employees to better serve our clients. We are still and always have been completely involved in the day-to-day details, working very closely with our owners to fulfill their needs. As more of our clients inquired about daycare options as well, we added our in-home daycare and transport services in 2019. Then the pandemic hit in early 2020, and like many small businesses, it hit hard. While we eventually had to shutter the dog-walking portion of our services, our daycare and boarding has flourished. Our services have have changed over the years, but our passion and true love for what we do has never wavered. We continue to look ahead and do everything we can do provide the best pet care around. Bottom line, we take great pride in the work we do, and we’ll love and care for your fur-family as if they were our own. Thank you so much for considering Cruisin’ Canines.

Pam Gordon

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