Policies & Procedures


By scheduling services with us you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined below. This document may be downloaded and saved for your records here.

Cruisin Canines Inc. is fully insured, bonded, and provides worker’s compensation for all employees.


Cruisin Canines Inc. offers scheduled dog daycare as well as kennel-free boarding, and other services. 

All dogs four months or older must be up to date on all recommended vaccinations and must be registered with the City of Chicago (per Municipal Code 07-12-140). The licenses are available online at the CityofChicago.org.


The client is responsible for updating the office directly with any changes pertaining to your dog’s routine. Examples of routine changes include, but are not limited to: dog’s location in the home, i.e. no longer crating; specific walking or training instructions; to not allow dogs to go in the yard; and to no longer feed.

Two sets of keys are required to provide access for pick up and drop off transport.


Regular hours are Monday – Friday 9:00a-3:00p. Daycare services include pickup and drop off transportation for your dog. All pick ups occur between 8:45-10:15a and drop off are between 2:30-4:00pm.


Regular daycare services are not held on all major holidays. Services may be requested, but are not guaranteed until transport availability is confirmed. Holiday visits are billed at twice your regular rate. Annual holidays include: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day (Fourth of July), Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and Christmas Day. Holidays that fall on a weekend may be observed on the Friday preceding or Monday following, as based on the Federal Holiday Calendar. Christmas Eve is calendar-dependent, but only billed at the off-hour rate.


All services must be scheduled, requested, or canceled through our online Client Portal. An access link and account number will be sent when services are registered, along with further instructions on requesting/canceling services. Once your account is set up, you can also find a login button on our website, http://www.cruisincanines.com, in the upper, right hand corner that will direct you there. Regular services may be requested or canceled up until 10:00pm (CST) the night before. 

*** PLEASE NOTE- Once you’ve added your requests to the queue, you must hit the green “Submit Request” button. BE SURE TO CLICK SUBMIT. We receive notification of services left in the queue after a delay, known as Auto-Submitted Services, so a same-day request may not make it to us in time. To view your requests and schedule, the “Schedule” page of the portal shows both requested (marked “REQ”) and confirmed services.

If you set up a RECURRING SCHEDULE with us, please note that we run the upcoming month by the 15th at the latest. For example, February’s schedule will be visible and able to be edited by January 15th. If you would like to make changes further in advance, email us at pam@cruisincanines.com to have the schedule run out further.


Company owners Pam and Paul Gordon board in their home-office. We are kennel-free, only take in adult dogs, and have limited availability. Boarding dogs must be comfortable not being crated, well-adjusted (no separation anxiety), fully housetrained, and social with other dogs. They must be up to date on all recommended vaccinations, spayed or neutered, and microchipped. All dogs must come by for a 30min evaluation first to confirm they are a good candidate for boarding before scheduling services. Email us at pam@cruisincanines.com for more information.


Boarding is billed per night and based on the 24-hour schedule. Half-days will be billed on the last day if the dog stays past the 24-hour drop-off time.  Weekday drop-offs or pick-ups are scheduled between the hours of 9:00-11:00a or 3:00-5:00p. Weekend drop-offs and pick-ups are based on availability. “Pet taxi” transportation to or from boarding is also available for our walking clients during regular hours. Billing for “pet taxi” services is based on location and scheduling.


Holiday boarding fills up quickly as space is limited. We recommend you reserve for the holidays in advance. Cancellations made within one week of services will be subject to a minimum $50 late cancelation fee. Dogs must have boarded with us previously in order to schedule holiday services. 


BY PROCEEDING OR SCHEDULING SERVICES, in consideration of the services rendered by Cruisin’ Canines Inc. to my dog(s), I acknowledge reading, understanding, and accepting the statements herein.

I understand certain “activities” that my dog may participate in, including daycare, boarding, one-on-one play, movement within and outside the facility, and transportation to and from Cruisin Canines Inc. involve risk and possible injury, including but not limited to: Exposure to parasites, viruses, and other medical conditions passed from dog-to-dog or person-to-dog; Sprains, strains, bites, broken bones; Motor vehicle accident during transportation; and Fatigue, dehydration, nicks, cuts, or death. I further understand that not each and every potential risk can be listed above but, nonetheless agree that the benefits associated with dog socialization outweigh the possible risks, therefore, I hereby voluntarily release, forever discharge, and agree to hold harmless and indemnify Cruisin Canines Inc. and its agents, successors, heirs, from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, or rights of action, which are related to, arise out of, or are in any way connected with my dog’s participation in activities with Cruisin Canines Inc., including those allegedly attributable to the negligent acts or omissions of Cruisin Canines Inc. or their staff.


If my dog is ill or injured while participating in activities with Cruisin Canines Inc., Cruisin Canines Inc. will make every reasonable effort to reach me pursuant to the contact information I have provided. However, if Cruisin Canines Inc. is unable to reach me, I consent to Cruisin Canines Inc. seeking appropriate veterinary care and I accept responsibility for any and all associated expenses. Cruisin Canines Inc. will not pay any portion of veterinary expenses associates with seeking medical care for my dog if so necessary.


My dog’s veterinary records must be furnished to Cruisin Canines Inc. prior to scheduling services. These records must include proof of vaccinations and/or screenings for: parvovirus, distemper, bordetella (12 months), and fecal exam (12 months). Records may be sent via email to pam@cruisincanines or uploaded to your client portal.

I further attest that my dog is free of parasites and other illnesses that can be transmitted from dog-to-dog. Due to the high risk of dog-to-dog transmission of such parasites and/or viruses, I agree that I will immediately notify Cruisin Canines Inc. if I learn or suspect my dog has parasites or viruses and agree to adjust scheduling accordingly for Cruisin Canines Inc. to accommodate. I agree to not bring my dog to Cruisin Canines Inc. for any activities until I receive clearance from Cruisin Canines Inc., in conjunction with my dog’s veterinarian.


I agree that I will disclose to Cruisin Canines Inc. any allergies my dog may have. I further agree to disclose to Cruisin Canines Inc. any special dietary needs or medications my dog may require if necessary during activities with Cruisin Canines Inc.


I affirm that I am not aware of any vicious tendencies by my dog(s). Cruisin Canines Inc. will not knowingly service any dogs with aggressive or vicious tendencies.


I authorize use of my dog’s visual image(s) and statements in newsletters, posters, and other materials.


Cruisin Canines Inc. accepts cash, checks, and Zelle transfers (formerly known as Chase QuickPay or ClearXchange). I agree to pay the service rates in effect for my dog’s participation in activities with Cruisin Canines Inc. Payments are due monthly after services have been completed, ten days following invoices. A minimum late fee of $25 may added for past-due payments. Bounced or returned payments will have a minimum $35 fee.


I accept the responsibility of paying for any damage to facility, property, and/or equipment caused by my dog(s) when boarding.


Should Cruisin Canines Inc., or anyone acting on their behalf, be required for any reason to incur attorney fees and costs to enforce or defend this agreement, I agree to indemnify and reimburse Cruisin Canines Inc.  for such fees and costs. Further I agree and understand that any disputes arising out of this Agreement will be decided pursuant to the laws of the State of Illinois and venue shall be in Cook County.


I understand that Cruisin Canines Inc. reserves the exclusive right to decline participation or to terminate participation in activities with Cruisin Canines Inc. to any dog at any time for any reason.

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