Al the Hero

This handsome guy is Al a tall, white Standard Poodle who was rescued by his owner, Ann-Marie.  Al and Elsa (black Standard Poodle) have been walking clients of Cruisin’ Canines for several years.  While Ann-Marie was enjoying a walk one evening in August with Al and Elsa someone came from behind her and stole her bag.  While Ann-Marie was trying to re-adjust the leashes in her hands, Al took off storming after the man who stole the bag.  Al raced down the down the street, jumped into the air, grabbed her bag from the man who stole it and while the man took off running, Al proudly stood with one foot on her bag.  Al didn’t pursue the man at all; looked back at Ann-Marie with his tail wagging, like “hey boss, got your bag back!”

Thanks Ann-Marie for sharing your story with us, we are just as proud of Al as you are!


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