April 2010 Dog of the Month


Meet Jake!

Breed:  Yellow Lab

Age:  11 years (12 in July)

Walker:  Kraig

Jake’s Background:  Jake isn’t outspoken, just like his kid brother.  Even if he could speak, he wouldn’t speak of it.  But one pet, from his pink Lab nose and Yellow Lab tail tells his story.  A bad dog bite as a pup, hit by a car…a tumor…siezures.  Lumps, bumps, stiches and itches;  He’s the Six Millon Dollar Dog, given the vet costs.  Get knocked down six times, stand up seven;  Thats Jake.  They say every dog had his day and Jake has certianly seen his share of sun-ups and downs.  I just hope his strength and courage allow him to see many, many more.

Joys in Life:  Slow walks with Spencer, dog treats from Dan the Mailman, ear rubs and doggie massages.

Friends:  Spencer, Dan the Mailman and Me (Kraig).


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