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Since Chicago is a very dog-oriented city, the area is booming with pet care boutiques and local dog walkers.

It can be a different story however, if you are looking for Ukrainian Village dog walkers who are passionate about what they do. At Cruisin’ Canines, however, our clients can feel at ease that a dog walker from 60622 — the area in and around Ukrainian Village — will be responsible for your furry friends and treat them like one of their own.

How Much Do Ukranian Village Dog Walkers Cost?

Ukranian Village dog walking services at Cruisin’ Canines will vary in cost depending on the amount of time and the number of dogs All dog walks include fresh water refills and feeding, along with medication upon request.

For a single dog, a 15-minute walk will cost $15.50, and $2 for each additional canine.

A 35-minute walk costs $24 per walk for one dog, and each additional dog will cost $5.

For two 15-minute puppy visits, we charge $29 per day. We’ll make sure you and your dogs are happy with every visit.

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In addition to Ukranian Village dog walking, we also offer dog walking services and more in other locations throughout Chicago. Our Chicago dog walkers can reach you in nearly any neighborhood on the North Side, with plenty of local dog walkers. We can reach you in many different locations throughout the city, and can connect you with the closest dog walker to you to keep our services convenient regardless of where you are. We have the experience necessary to make sure you’re happy with us every time you turn to us.

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