The Best Wicker Park Dog Walkers

Cruisin’ Canines offers some of the most reliable Chicago dog walking services. In an area as vibrant and fast-paced as Wicker Park, it can be hard to make sure that you are always home at the same time to take care of your pets or take them on their afternoon walk. Cruisin’ Canines can be your number one Wicker Park dog walker, so that you can rest easy if you have to work late or if you have to be away for a weekend. Our company began as a single dog walker in 60622 — right here in Wicker Park — and now we are the local dog walkers for pet owners all over Chicago. We pride ourselves in being a company that you can trust.

The Best Wicker Park Dog Walker is Someone You Can Rely On

The hardest trait to find in a Wicker Park dog walker is reliability. Some dog walking services will cancel at the last minute, leaving you out in the cold. Wicker Park is a busy area, populated with young professionals and families alike. We understand that sometimes, your schedule doesn’t allow enough time to walk your dog as much as you’d prefer. Cruisin’ Canines’ local dog walkers are trained professionals–you can trust our  Chicago dog walkers. We at  feel that it is not only important for your dog to get regular walks, but to have a routine as well. Our Chicago dog walking services not only provide those regular walks, but we also strive for consistency in your dog’s routine. For example, we aim to introduce your dog just one Wicker Park dog walker so he or she can be at ease with the same familiar face every day. We also strive to pair your pet with local dog walkers from Wicker Park, so that your walker will be familiar enough with the area to bring your dog on a great walk.

A Wicker Park Dog Walker Service You Can Afford

Living in Chicago is expensive. When it comes to finding a Wicker Park dog walker, you need one you can trust, but also one you can afford. We understand that this is a concern for many people. Dog walkers shouldn’t have to be chosen by who is the cheapest–sometimes, you end up getting what you pay for. With Cruisin’ Canines, you get the best of both worlds: an affordable, reasonably priced dog walking service combined with trustworthy, compassionate walkers. With practical prices, flexible services and our trustworthy staff, Cruisin’ Canines is the number one choice for many Wicker Park dog owners.

How Much Do Wicker Park Dog Walkers Cost?

Wicker Park dog walking services at Cruisin’ Canines will vary in cost depending on the amount of time and the number of dogs. For one dog, a 15-minute walk will cost $15.50, and $2 more for each additional dog. A 30-minute walk costs $16 per walk for one dog, and each additional dog will cost $3. All dog walks include fresh water refills and feeding, along with medication if requested. For two 15-minute puppy visits, we charge $29 per day. We’ll make sure you and your dogs are satisfied with every visit.

The Wicker Park Dog Walker Service Your Dogs Would Choose

If you have any questions or want to schedule dog walker in Wicker Park, then contact Cruisin’ Canines by phone at (773) 327-4419. You shouldn’t have to worry about how your pets are doing when you aren’t at home. Why not choose Cruisin’ Canines as your Wicker Park dog walker instead?

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