Our JULY Dog of the Month is


Breed(s): Australian Shepherd / Cattle Dog Mix

Age/Birthday: Adoption Day 6/30/2017, Approx 3 years old. Adopted from Paws 🙂

Where I Live: Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL

Joys in Life: Getting cheese as treats, stopping for puppuccinos, cuddling and playing with her stuffed wubba toy. She loves to greet people and other dogs on walks, will often sit and wait to be pet or to say hi. Going to her Grandma’s house to be spoiled with chicken for dinner. Stopping to smell the flowers and grass after a fresh rain storm. Loves to wake up her owners so she can play and get belly rubs.

Favorite Food/Treat:  Per her name sake she has a soft spot for cheese. Adores any type of bone, sometimes can be found with her chin resting on her bone fast asleep. 

Favorite Toy/Activity:  Her wubba, currently a frog she wants to play catch or tug of war with. Visiting her other dog friends (Sooki, Rosie and Stewie) for play-dates. Cuddling in her papasan chair for a nap.

Find her on Instagram too! @cheesybriedog

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