Chicago Dog Walking Company: Make Winter Warmer

If this is the first winter with your new puppy, there are some basic instructions that you must follow in order to help keep your dog out of harm’s way and shelter it from some of winter’s hazards. Winter is a long and cold season that can be harmful to most pets. Making sure you take good care of your furry pal is important. One way to do this is with help from the dog walking companies in Chicago.

Get Exercise

Local dog walkers offer fantastic care for dogs while their owners are away at work or on vacation.  Much like people, dogs need their fair share of exercise everyday. Without proper exercise, dogs can become overly eager, sensitive and ill-mannered. To help avoid this kind of behavior, here are some easy ways to keep your dog safe and sound during the winter!

Safety Tips For Wintertime

  • Carefully monitor the amount of time your dog spends outside.
  • Supply ample & warm shelter.
  • Be aware of frozen water when you take your best friend on a walk. Areas such as ponds and lakes can be extremely dangerous.
  • Give your pup extra calories in his or her diet. Dogs typically use more energy in the winter to stabilize their body temperature.
  • Keep your canine dry; especially after a dog walking company in Chicago takes your canine for a walk out in the snow.
  • If you bring your four-legged friend with you on a road trip or errand, never leave them in the car alone for an extended period of time. Be sure to keep the heat on if you are away from the car for more than a couple of minutes.

Start a Healthy Habit

Between getting enough exercise and keeping your dog warm, maintaining healthy habits is important for your dog’s well being. Don’t let the snow or cold weather keep you from giving your canine a daily walk. You or a Chicago dog walking company has the ability to exercise your pooch on a daily basis. Practice being a good owner and be sure to keep your dog warm this winter!

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