COVID-19 New Walker Training Program

Now that you know the hazards associated with exposure to the virus, best practices to reduce exposure to the virus, including but not limited to general hygiene, social distancing and use of face coverings or other PPE, let’s move onto our specific situation and appropriate workplace protocols to prevent/ reduce likelihood of exposure to the virus.

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New Procedures for Walking Services

New protocol for all Cruisin’ Canines Dog Walkers going forward includes the following.

Always use hand sanitizer before and after every visit; and wash your hands whenever possible. Cruisin’ Canines will provide you with hand sanitizer as needed. To review proper hand washing guidelines, please visit the CDC’s Hand Hygiene Recommendations here.

Always wear a mask or face covering when inside. This includes but is not limited to any home, condo or apartment building, shared living space, or common area. You should also wear your mask or face covering when unable to maintain a minimum 10’ social distancing measure outside, both between walks and when on the walk with the dog. You may remove your face covering or mask when on the walk, provided you are outside and avoiding all contact with others. Keep it nearby and on hand should you encounter any situation even outdoors where the 10′ distance is compromised.

While the state mandate is a 6′ social distancing measure, we are asking you, for increased safety and as the face of Cruisin’ Canines, to extend that further to ideally 10′ whenever possible. You should wash or sanitize any fabric masks daily and wear a clean once each day. Disposable masks should be used for only one day (no more than 8 hours) and then disposed of. If you need a face covering, Cruisin’ will provide fabric washable/reusable masks.

Use your own leash for walks. Cruisin’ will provide you with two leashes if needed. You will use the client provided collar or harness for each dog, but utilizing your own leash minimizes prolonged contact with a surface handled by others. All clients should be providing wipes or disinfectant for you to sanitize the walking gear before &/or after the walk. Some clients will be providing a separate harness or collar designated for your use only.

Limit your time inside to bare minimum and wipe down/sanitize anything you need to touch (doorknobs, alarm pad, etc) with client-provided supplies whenever possible. Get in and out of each home and quickly and efficiently as possible. The selected visit time (15, 25, or 35min) may include any time taken for cleaning/sanitizing as needed.

We will not be entering the home any further than necessary and will not be refreshing water bowls, giving treats, or feeding; exceptions here may be made for puppies and seniors or any dog with health issues that require midday nutrition. If this is the case for a specific dog, the client is to let us know so we can work out the best way to accomplish this with minimal time inside the home.

Solo walks only at this time. We will refrain from doing any social dog walks with neighboring pups; exceptions made by request only for dogs in the same building or that are already socializing outside of our services.

We know that every home and situation is unique and appreciate any steps taken by our clients as well ensure safety for everyone involved. In order to make this process as safe and efficient for everyone as possible, here’s what we have asked our clients do to help:

  • Provide easy access to their dog.
    • If crated, they should move crate as close to entrance as possible.
    • If gated, gate closest to entrance we will use.
    • If free, close off any doors possible to rooms their pup may hide in, including basements, second floors, spare rooms, etc.
    • Keep any collars/walking gear by the door or already on the dog if safely possible; if they have an extra harness or collar that can be designated for use by us only, that’s even better.
    • If they have a rarely used entrance to their home, a backdoor that avoids building common areas, etc., provide access for us to limit chances of running into someone else in close quarters.
  • We will use our own leashes, no exceptions. However, if their dog has specific walking gear (ie harness, training collar, etc) they’re asked to provide sanitizing spray or wipes for us to wipe down before &/or after the walk.
  • If they are home, they’re asked to maintain minimum 6’ social distancing measures with us or wear a face mask.
  • If they, anyone in the household, or anyone they’ve been in direct contact with is sick or has any symptoms of illness, to please contact us immediately to cancel services.

Maintaining Safety

What to do if you are sick or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19

If you have a fever, cough or other symptoms, you might have COVID-19. Contact us IMMEDIATELY. If you are currently at a job, leave first and get somewhere safe to contact us. We will address your individual symptoms and situation and decide when it is safe for you to return to work.

Most people have mild illness and are able to recover at home. If you think you may have been exposed to COVID-19, contact your healthcare provider.

  • Keep track of your symptoms.
  • If you have an emergency warning sign (including trouble breathing), get emergency medical care immediately.

Visit the CDC’s guideline here for additional info to to utilize their Self-Checker guide.

What to do if you suspect a client is sick or not following safety protocols

Please contact us immediately if you suspect a client is sick or if you are uncomfortable entering the home for any reason. This can include, but is not limited to, hearing someone coughing in the home, the client approaching you or coming within 6′ without a facial covering, them mentioning a close friend or family member is ill, etc. Safety has been and always will be our top priority. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any concerns, not matter how small they may seem. We will address it directly with the client and find a best course of action moving forward to ensure everyone’s health, comfort, and safety.

If you are able to commit to these guidelines and ready to get out and see some pups, please complete the quick survey/quiz below. We’re so happy to have you back!

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