Introducing: Dog Adventure Days!

Dog Adventure Days!

Hope you’re enjoying these first days of fall and beautiful weather with your pooch. We have an exciting announcement to make! We are now offering a new service: Dog Adventure Days!

Read on below for more details, pricing, and our three options to choose from! We can’t wait to adventure with your pups!

💠 Dog Adventure Days Details! 💠

  • 2- and 4-hour options (from pick-up to drop-off) — See options below for more pricing details.
  • All dogs are adventure dogs!  This is individual time catered to every dog, so this is great for dogs with extra energy to burn, or dogs patiently waiting beside you each day while you’re zooming to work. Solo or social, it’s up to your pup.
  • Dogs must be okay with car-rides. Walker assigned will be trained on how to safely and properly secure the dog in their backseat or cargo area using a harness and tie-down or seat belt strap/clip.  
  • Scheduling can be occasional or as needed, no regular or minimum service required. This service is provided weekdays and during regular business hours; weekends subject to availability at no additional charge. Reservations can be made in the Client Portal with 24-hours advance notice. Clients can select preferred time +/- 30min when scheduling. Example: You can request the 4-hr adventure at 10:00a, and pick-up will occur between 9:30-10:30.
  • Snack provided for the 4-hour adventure! Water will be provided for both the 2- and 4-hour options. For the 4-hour option, a snack will be provided too! This may be a special treat, dog-safe human food snack they can share (think peanut butter apples!), or your walker may hit a drive-thru on the way home for a puppuccino or ice cream cone!  If your dog has allergies or dietary restrictions, please provide a small treat or snack for your walker to give your dog.
  • Plenty of pictures and a report will be sent so you can enjoy your dog’s adventure vicariously! A guaranteed happy, relaxed pooch will be returned home to you. 

Dog Adventure Day: Option 1
Nature Adventure!

Our Nature Adventure will take your pup to a nearby state park or forest preserve such as LeBagh Woods, Caldwell Woods, Thatcher Woods, etc. Even within city limits, these wooded areas can be full of exciting new smells, wildlife encounters, and relaxing scenery for a change of pace. Time to explore!

2-Hour Option, 1 Dog: $60
4-Hour Option, 1 Dog: $100
2nd dog from the same household: +$25

Dog Adventure Day: Option 2
Lakefront Adventure!

Since we stay on leash, our Lakefront Adventure would not take your pup to Montrose Dog Beach, but to any number of city beaches and lakefront paths where dogs are allowed to walk on leash. Your walker will have an extended 15 or 20ft lead to allow for some fun in the water when possible! Great city views, cool breeze off the lake, it’s the perfect day for a city dog!

2-Hour Option, 1 Dog: $60
4-Hour Option, 1 Dog: $100
2nd dog from the same household: +$25

Dog Adventure Day: Option 3
Sniffari Adventure!

Our Sniffari Adventure will take your pup to a new location every time, but large parks and open areas are ideal! On this adventure, dogs lead the way and set the pace with their nose. Many times, we don’t give our dogs the opportunity to sniff to their hearts content, and as it’s their primary sense of exploring and understanding their world, it’s important! Many dogs can find sniffing to be just as exhausting as a full run or mentally stimulating food puzzles. Most hounds will know what to do, but some dogs that have been trained to keep walking on city streets may need time to learn that sniffing is okay. A cue can be taught over time to separate these adventures from your usual walks. Sometimes it’s as simple as using a different leash or harness for them to differentiate!

2-Hour Option (only), 1 Dog: $60
2nd dog from the same household: +$25

Adventure Days can be scheduled NOW! Look in the portal under #7. Looking to schedule other services soon? Send us an email or log into your Client Portal here to send a request and we’ll be in touch!

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    My dog lives in Northfield near the Willow Rd. entrance/exit to I94. Is he in your service area?

    Thank you.

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