Dog Friendly Bars in Chicago

It’s Thursday; do you know what your plans are for this weekend?  Do you enjoy drinking adult beverages and hanging out with your dog?  If you don’t want to be house bound this weekend why not check out some of Chicago’s finest Dog Friendly Bars.

There are a few rules put in place by the City of Chicago available at when taking your dog to a bar:

  • Dogs may only be permitted in areas that are outside and accessible from the street.
  • Dogs are not permitted to be in, or travel through, any indoor portion of the retail food establishment or in any area where food is prepared, with the exemption of service animals.
  • Dogs must be kept on leashes at all times.
  • Dogs must bear a rabies vaccination tag or other proof of a rabies vaccination.
  •  Tables and chairs at which patrons with dogs are seated shall be cleaned and sanitized between seating of patrons.
  • Dogs may not be provided any food except for water.
  • Employees may not have contact with a dog.

This is probably not acceptable in some bars:

Here are just a few:

The Corner in Bucktown:

The Four Treys in Roscoe Village:

Cody’s Public House in Lakeview:   Cody is a Bloodhound!

If you know of any great dog friendly bars, let us know!!  Enjoy the snow with your dogs!!


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