Dog Sweater Contest


Everyone loves a dog in a cute sweater and sweater and coat season as arrived!  We want to see your dogs in their sweaters/coats, cute or ugly!  We will be posting all of the pictures submitted on our Cruisin’ Canines Facebook  fan page and let YOU decide who the winner is by clicking on the LIKE IT option by each picture.  The winner of the contest will be announced on Tuesday December 21st, the First Day of Winter and will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to 4 Legs Pet Boutique located in the Lakeview/Wriggleyville area.  To be eligible to win you must be a Cruisin’ Canines client.

Please submit all entries to and we will post them to our fan page.  Only 1 picture of each dog in the sweater contest will be posted on our fan page that is eligible for voting.

We can’t wait to see your pictures!!

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