✨ Dogs of the Decade ✨

To kick off our 25th year and in celebration of the new year and new decade, we’d like to honor our Dogs of the Decade! We love all of our four-legged clients as our own, but these doggos are very dear to us, and we’d like to celebrate the relationships that make this more than just a job for us. We’ve known them since puppy-hood, watched them grow and learn, and enjoyed many many walks together over the years, a decade or longer! Without further ado, please meet our Dogs of the Decade for 2020:


Cruisin’ with us since 2008! Emmie the Cavalier was a tiny 3 month old cutie when she started her first puppy visits with us. Read about Miss Em here!


Cruisin’ with us since 2008! A wee Boomer puppy was out adventuring and met one of our dog walkers out with another pup, almost 12 years ago now! Read Boom’s story here!


Cruisin’ with us since 2009! Freddy, (aka Fred, Doctor Teeth, Fredster, Fredders, #1 Rated Cute Face!) is an 11-ish year old mystery mutt rescue pupper. Read about Fredders !

Molly & Dakota

Neighbors and BFFs, these two cruised with us since 2006 and recently passed within a couple months of each other. Mol and Big D, forever in our hearts ❤ Read more about them both here too.

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