✨Dog of the Decade:✨ Freddy

— Breed(s): Mix; he was a rescue, so Freddy is his own unique mystery doggy!

— Nicknames: Fred, Doctor Teeth, Fredster, Fredders (from CC!), #1 Rated Cute Face

— Age/Birthday: 11-ish years, celebrate on August 31

— Where I Live: West Lakeview

— Joys in Life: long walks, peanut butter, cheese, sleeping in the sun, scratches on his white spot (chest), going on pack walks to Bitter Pops and Green Lady, puppies and small doggies

— Favorite Food/Treat: No-Hides

— Favorite Toy/Activity: Going to our lake condo in Indiana

— Cruisin’ Dog Walker: Philip

— Dog Walking Buddies: Ivy and Sadie

Freddy, Ivy, Sadie

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