Our MARCH Dog of the Month is


Scooter is a nine-year-old, many-terrier mix. He answers to Scootie, Scoots, or Treat, lol. His favorite activities are walking, socializing with other dogs, and napping. He’s also a fearless hunter and has even pulled a live rat from under a bush on his walk. No rodent is safe in Lakeview when he’s out and about. 

He hates electronics and will nudge them away from your gaze so he can have your undivided attention, which includes belly rubs. If you stop too soon, he will paw your hand until you start again. 

Brian and Monica take great care of him on his walks, and he’s Tricia’s administrative assistant when at daycare. I know he’s a BIG help. 

His family loves him very much because he’s the sweetest dog ever. 

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