February Dogs of the Month are

Pia and Bertie!






Bert: Is a Bichon Silky Terrier that was to be euthanized at Animal Care and Control when I found her there in 2008. She’s probably 8 or 9 but acts a lot like a puppy. She’s full of piss and vinegar and drives everyone in our neighborhood crazy! She’s very smart and barky and her favorite things in life are her stuffed weasel, walking with Keith and dog treats. She also likes to sleep on the heater vent.

Pia: Came to us from Paws. I think she found me. It’s a longer story than that but she found us when we most needed her and I suspect she needed us as well. She is an angel. She has been a most loving companion. She snuggles and follows us around the house. She could take or leave Bertie, but loves us and dog treats and Keith! We think she doesn’t know she’s a dog because she really doesn’t care to do dog things. I’m guessing she’s 10 or 11.


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