Our NOVEMBER Dog of the Month is


— Breed(s): Izzy is a terrier mix! Not 100% certain, but our best guess is Rat Terrier with a little Jack Russell thrown in.

— Age/Birthday: Not sure, but she’s about 1.5-2 years old. She was just adopted 4 months ago!

— Where I Live: Wicker Park (big adjustment after spending the first part of her life in balmy Alabama.)

— Joys in Life: Stella & Chewy’s lamb treats, deer antler chews, snuggles,being touched and petted, smelling every square inch of the sidewalk

— Favorite Food/Treat: definitely those Stella & Chewy’s lamb treats, ice cubes, Greenies, and chicken or turkey

— Favorite Toy/Activity: chasing squirrels, catching butterflies, destroying tennis balls and stuffed animals, anything to put those terrier instincts to good use ripping anything apart!

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