Our JANUARY Dog of the Month is




Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Age: 8

Where I Live: Lakeview neighborhood in Chicago

Joys in Life: My #1 joy in life is eating…..food, treats, sticks and anything else I can find on the ground. My love of eating has landed me in the vet’s office twice for surgery….apparently socks and Kong toys are not edible, whoops!! When I’m not looking for something to eat, I enjoy cuddling with my mom on the couch and chasing my brother Oscar the cat around the house – I like to race him up and down the long hallway but he usually wins.

Cruisin’ Dog Walker: Nate

Dog Walking Buddies: I’m an introvert so I keep a pretty tight circle of friends but Nate has introduced me to lots of new pups. Lately I’ve been spending lots of time with Stan and Koko.


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