JULY Dog of the Month is





Breed: Yorkie, Lhasa Apso, Pekingese Mix (aka super handsome Ewok)

Age: 7 years old on August 30th

Where I Live: Born in LA. Raise in Chicago. When I met my mom, she thought I was deaf. I bamboozled her into taking me with her.

Joys in Life: Home cooked meals! Can’t go wrong with salmon and lamb chops. Laying in muddy water. Rolling in snow. Rolling in grass. Rolling in the sand. Digging holes. Stealing tennis balls. Toys.

Cruisin’ Dog Walker: Currently Tom. Was Toni.

Dog Walking Buddies: Louis is a ladies man, he’s walked with Miss Bailey, Dali, Shelby…but he gets long with everyone.

Louis- July Dog of the Month



Super Louis!


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