Live in 60622? Dog walkers from Cruisin Canines will give you peace of mind

From house training puppies to giving your pets much-needed exercise, our compassionate Chicago dog walkers will give you and your pets the service and care you deserve.

You love your pets, but that doesn’t mean you can drive home from work just to give them a potty break. The Wicker Park dog walker team at Cruisin’ Canines offer a great way to bridge the gap between loving your pets and pursuing your career. Each trusted dog walker in the 60622 area code is committed to providing the same love and care that you do. So whether you need twice-daily visits to a puppy or committed care for your cat when you are away on business, our bucktown dog walkers and pet care providers will ensure that your pets feel loved, not neglected, until you return.

Special care for special pets.

As every pet owner knows, each pet has a unique disposition and personality. Some cats are cuddlers, others prefer to be left alone. Some dogs require continual exercise, others prefer to do tricks for dog biscuits before falling asleep. To accommodate the diversity of pets in the 60622 area, dog walkers from Cruisin’ Canines are committed to communication. Our Chicago dog walkers will discuss your pet’s special needs. Are you training your puppy to learn certain words? Our dog walkers in 60622 will make sure your puppy receives adequate training. Do you want your indoor cat to maintain a diet? We will follow your instructions completely. Each Wicker Park dog walker will get to know your pets, with their adorable (and not-so-adorable quirks), to an incredible degree, enabling Cruisin’ Canines to understand exactly what each pet deserves.

Same Chicago Dog Walker = Consistent Care

Animals have an incredible capacity for bonding. In light of this, we do everything in our power to ensure your pet will see the same person every day. This gives cats a chance to warm up to their care providers and lets dogs know that they will see their Chicago dog walker every day. While we may need to sub in a different 60622 dog walker occasionally to account for sick days or vacation, for the most part you can feel safe knowing that your pet feels comfortable with a new friend.

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