Local Dog Walkers Who Know Chicago

Let your pet explore the city—or its suburbs—with a local dog walker and give your pet the gift of a guided tour.

Animals have an excellent sense of direction, but humans don’t always. Like most Chicago dog walking agencies our priorities are always your pet’s safety and well-being, we are also dedicated to recruiting local dog walkers who know which of Chicago’s streets are safest for your pet. Part of our Chicago dog walker service includes determining which streets are safest, which streets you prefer, and the best means of serving all of our Chicago and East Village dog walker clients.

Local dog walkers who go one step further

Anyone can attach a leash to your precious pooch and take him or her for a walk, but it takes a little extra something to make your dog feel cared for. No matter how friendly a pet is, it takes time to cultivate a trusting relationship with any animal. That’s why we’ll assign the same local dog walker to look after your pet, whether you live in Wrigleyville or East Village. Dog walkers can then get to know your pet’s little quirks and preferences—favorite chew toy and so on—to provide care perfectly tailored to your best friend.

We do kitty care in addition to our Chicago dog walker service.

Whether you’re a dog person, a cat person, or just an all-around animal lover, our local dog walkers can provide complete care to all of your animals. Contrary to popular, misinformed belief, cats can be incredibly social animals who miss their favorite humans during the day. But whether your kitty is a snuggly little furball or a standoffish scaredy cat, he or she still deserves love. As a Chicago dog walking company, we take pet care very seriously, and our local dog walkers will make sure that your cat receives just as much attention as any of our canine clients.

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