Our MARCH Dog of the Month is


20161205_080923 Breed(s): Mix: Labrador, Australian Shepherd, Border Collier (top 3)

Age/Birthday: Two! November 6th 2014

Where I Live: Lakeview

Joys in Life: Her purple squeak ball. She loves chasing, carrying it around and even sleeps with it. She also loves he parents (of course) and humans in general. She would choose getting pet over a steak if you we’re to offer her both at once. Girl loves long walks, chasing squirrels and visiting her grandparents in Michigan!

Cruisin’ Dog Walker: Her previous walker was Johanna. New walker Josh.

Dog Walking Buddies: Penny is a social butterfly, but she loves her girl Izzy!



Dreaming of summer dog days…


Penny as a wee pupper!

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