COVID-19 Pandemic Protocol

Thank you for scheduling services! We’ve always taken safety seriously, but with the current COVID-19 pandemic, we also have new protocol in place to keep our walkers, clients, and everyone around us safe too. We are proud to announce, we’re also self-certified with Be Safe. Chicago and ready to safely serve you!

We’re so excited to be back walking and hanging with your awesome pups again! Please read the “Dog Walking” or “Day Care” section in full, confirm any file updates with the few quick questions at the end. You can submit the questionnaire form(s) through our website below or copy and paste the questions into a direct email. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions at all!

If you, anyone in your home, or anyone you’re in direct contact with has a fever or any symptom of illness or COVID-19, please contact us immediately to cancel services for a minimum 2-week period.

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At this time, based on the slow reopening of our services, your previously assigned walker may not be immediately available. We have been staying in touch with everyone and doing everything we can to support them at this time. We know the bonds built between our walkers and the pups they care for, and sincerely appreciate your understanding. The sooner we can reschedule services and rebuild our routes, the faster we’ll be able to bring each walker back.

As each of our walkers return, they will go through a new training process that includes but is not limited to:

  • Health and wellness screenings
  • Education regarding COVID-19 (ie sources of exposure; hazards associated with exposure; best practices to reduce exposure when at work or not; recognizing symptoms in self or others; etc)
  • New protocol including:
    • Washing hands whenever possible & using hand sanitizer before and after every visit
    • Wearing a mask or face covering when inside (ie: any home/condo or apartment building/shared living space) and when unable to maintain a minimum 10’ social distancing measure outside between walks and on the walk with the dog
    • Utilizing their own leash for walks
    • Limiting time inside to bare minimum and wiping down/sanitizing anything they need to touch (doorknobs, dog harnesses, etc) with client-provided supplies whenever possible
  • We are providing each of our walkers with their own leash to use daily, face mask/covering if they don’t already have their own, and hand sanitizer.

We know that every home and situation is unique and appreciate any steps you can take as well to ensure safety for everyone involved. In order to make this process as safe and efficient for everyone as possible, here’s how you can help:

  • Provide easy access to your dog.
    • If crated, move crate as close to entrance as possible.
    • If gated, gate closest to entrance walkers will use.
    • If free, close off any doors possible to rooms your pup may hide in, including basements, second floors, spare rooms, etc.
    • Keep any collars/walking gear already on the dog if safely possible or by the door; if you have an extra harness or collar that can be designated for use by your walker only, that’s even better.
  • If you have a rarely used entrance to your home, a backdoor that avoids building common areas, etc., provide access for our walkers to limit chances of running into someone else in close quarters.
  • Our walkers will use their own leash. If your dog has specific walking gear (ie harness, training collar, etc) please provide sanitizing spray or wipes for your walker to wipe down before &/or after the walk.
  • If you are home, please maintain minimum 6’ social distancing measures with your walker or wear a face mask.
  • If you or anyone you’ve been in direct contact with is sick or has any symptoms of illness, please contact us immediately to cancel services.

Please note the following temporary changes to our usual routine. Your selected visit time may include any time taken for cleaning/sanitizing as needed. We will refrain from doing any social dog walks with neighboring pups; exceptions made by request only for dogs in the same building or that are already socializing outside of our services. Our walkers will not be entering the home any further than necessary and will not be refreshing water bowls, giving treats, or feeding; exceptions here can be made for puppies and seniors or any dog with health issues that require midday nutrition. If this is the case for your dog, please let us know and we’ll work out the best way to accomplish this with minimal time inside the home.

To get your account set back up and services confirmed, please submit the questionnaire below:


Thank you for your interest in Cruisin’ Day Care! We’re so happy to be able to safely provide this service for you and your pup. At this time there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted between pups, so there’s no reason to keep our social doggies quarantined at home any longer! Please read this entire email and if interested in scheduling services, copy and fill out the short survey at the end in your reply.

New safety guidelines in place will ensure no-contact pick-ups and drop-offs: 

Please have a quick-release collar with tags on your dog for transport/emergency purposes only. These will be removed upon arriving at Cruisin’ headquarters and sanitized. 

We do take daily walks at day care! Transport will provide a slip lead or spare leash for pick-up and drop off, but feel free to send along your dog’s harness or training collar if needed for walks. 

Since most people are still home or working from home, we will text upon our arrival and you will bring your pup outside to meet us. If you will not be home but still wish to have us collect your dog for daycare, please let us know so that we can work out details to ensure everyone’s safety.

We are following CDC recommended safety guidelines, as well as cleaning and sanitization procedures daily. We ask that you too be following the established Stay At Home orders, continue to practice social distancing, and wearing a mask/face covering in public and during pick-up/drop off with us.

Due to additional time spent cleaning each day, pick-ups will occur between 9:00a-11:00a with drop offs between 3:00p-5:00p. If you need a more specific time set, please let us know in advance, and we’ll do our best to accommodate when possible.

For scheduling daycare services, please submit the quick questionnaire below, and we’ll be in touch shortly to confirm availability and scheduling.

Thank you again for scheduling services and trusting us as your Chicago dog walkers. Our time home has left us full of love and gratitude for our clients and community, and more than ready to serve you again. We can’t wait to see you all again!

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