September Dog of the Month

Meet Sammie!

Breed: Fox Terrier

Age: 81/2 yrs

Where Sammie Lives: Roscoe Village

Joys in Life: High energy Sammie loves her walks and sniffing, playing with her toys and sleeping in her many dog beds. She is a great dancer for a treat and loves to snuggle! Sammie is not a fan of fireworks, thunder or the vacuum.

Walker: Sammie’s walker is Bob. Bob says, Sammie’s hobbies including yelling at the UPS man and performing rather impressive choreography in anticipation of snack time, The Tornado Dance. The Tornado Dance is a complex move involving rapid 360 degree spins on her hind legs!

Friends: Sammie gets along great with all of the dogs on the route although she has a particular affinity for Cleo, her best girlfriend down the street!


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