AUGUST Dog of the Month is…

FREDDY! Breed: Mix (PAWS said I’m a Lab mix, but I’ve heard many different theories) Age: I’ll be 7 at the end of August Where I Live: Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, down the street from Wrigley Field Joys in Life: Forever walks, trips to Lake Wawasee, going to Cody’s (bar) with my daddy, naps on the…


January Dog of the Month is Bailey

Breed: Cockapoo Age: 7 1/2 Where I live: Lakeview Joys in Life: chasing squirrels, eating apples, peanut butter and carrots, sleeping, chasing tennis balls, cuddling with my family Cruisin’ Canines Chicago Dog Walker: Nate Chicago Dog Walking Buddies:  Lucy and Luna


MAY Dog of the Month is

Nellie! Name:  Nellie Nickname: “Nellers”, “Nellie Bean” or just “Bean” Age:  11 months Breed: Pug Where I live:  Lakeview Joys in Life:  Car rides, stealing socks, tearing up the carpeting, and of course treats. Cruisin Canines Dog Walker:  Tom


DECEMBER Dog of the Month is

        Emma! Breed: Cocker Spaniel Age: 3 years 2 months Where I live: Sheridan Court Condos in Lakeview Joys in Life: Playing Fetch and watching TV Cruisin’ Canines Dog Walker: Tom Chicago Dog Walking Buddies: Missy the Aussie Shepherd mix  

October Dog of the month is Octavia!

October dog of the Month is

Octavia! Breed: Great Dane Age: 5.5 Where I live: East Lakeview Joys in Life: Sleeping, Eating, Cuddling, Walking, and Dancing (see the picture below!) Cruisin’ Canines Chicago Dog Walker: Tim Chicago Dog Walking Buddies: just Tim!  


Cruisin’ Canines JUNE Dog of the Month is:

Teddy Grahams! Breed: Maltese / Yorkie Mix Age: 3 years old Where I live: Lakeview Joys in Life: Stealing socks, giving kisses, eating bananas and peanut butter, playing catch (sometimes with himself), barking at children. Cruisin’ Canines Chicago Dog Walker: Colin Chicago Dog Walking Buddies: Lilly the Wheaton Terrier