Our MAY Dog of the Month is


Breed/s: 75% to 100% Akita

Age/Birthday: Sept 5, 2014. He came to us via Anti Cruelty Society May 1, 2016

Where I Live: In beautiful Avondale

Joys in Life: Running on the beach.

Favorite Food/Treat: Snacking on cheese and homemade soup…The soup part is not true!

Favorite Toy/Activity: His favorite toy is his squeaky “Pink Dog.” A favorite activity is visiting neighborhood yards with pet chickens.

Celebrity Look-alike: The lone ranger.

Fun facts: When he wants food or a treat, he takes a toy to the food/treat and drops it, with gusto!

Cruisin’ Dog Walker: Danielle. Ted watches out the windows for Danielle and he barks very loudly when she approaches. He rarely barks, otherwise.

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