Meet Our Walkers


Dog Walker & Cat Care Specialist

Neighborhood: St. Bens
Cruisin’ Since:  Spring 2017

Mariesa was born and raised in Southern California. Growing up her first paid gig was walking the neighbor’s schnauzers! She had pets of all kinds from dogs to hamsters, rats, frogs, turtles, and newts ! She even rehabilitated a baby hummingbird. Needless to say animals, especially dogs, hold a special place her life! It doesn’t matter how cold or hot it may be, being outdoors and working with dogs is rewarding work. She is currently enrolled in a canine trainer’s program and has plans on becoming a certified canine trainer. When she isn’t out and about with the pups she’s most likely hanging out in her garden with her cat, Mervin, or snuggled up with him reading a book.